dso138 oscilloscope

DSO138 oscilloscope firmware upgrade

This is one of the most cheap and affordable oscilloscope. And may be that is the reason why this is so popular. It comes as a DIY kit and also pre-assembled from some stores. Its made by JYETech and they often release new firmware over time. So in this video I have show the most easiest and simplest method of upgrading firmware.

Link to download latest firmware: http://www.jyetech.com/Products/LcdScope/Firmwares_138.php

In order to flash firmware to the oscilloscope we need a software called Flash Bootloader Demonstrator which is provided by ST. Here is a link to their website for downloading the software: https://www.st.com/en/development-tools/flasher-stm32.html#

To convert USB to TTL we need a programmer. There are many such programmers available in the market. Among those the FTDI programmer is one of the most common and easily available with a good driver support for all operating systems.

Now we have to short JP1 and JP2 on the back of the board to boot into programming mode.

Now connect RX of FTDI to TX of DSO138 (JP5) and TX of FTDI to RX of DSO138 and the GND GDN pin of DSO138 JP5.
Power on the oscilloscope and the connect your PC to FTDI. Now you are ready to flash the firmware. Follow the steps from the video below to upload the firmware:

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